Emi-chan created a new video for me on YouTube!!! It's of me singing "Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder(Migikata no Chou)." It was originally sung by Kagamin Rin-san of VOCALOID. I feel so privileged to sing a song by such a great VOCALOID! ^_^ Please listen and enjo-yan~

P.S. There's a new picture of me here, too! But I'm not wearing any clothes...?! ;_;
New video^^ 11/10/2009
Emi-chan recently uploaded my intro video to YouTube and I'm posting it here for all of you to see^^ You'll be able to hear me sing my first song! So you can watch it here, or go to YouTube under the acount named coushcrew. Emi-chan says she'll try to make a Touyan channel soon too! I can't wait!